dilluns, 31 de gener de 2011

Peace Day


Each child is a special star.

We are all different colors.

Togheter we can form a beautiful tapestry.

To make a unique rainbow.

Be a star!

Shed and share your light. You will shine forever! Your rays will brighten the world for others. Illuminate those around you with love and caring.

Looking for information about this celebration, we've learnt that is not the same:

- The International Day of Peace

- The School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Can you tell us the differences?

divendres, 28 de gener de 2011

A very special journey!

We want to say thank you to Vicky, Nicholas and Sebastian for this great experience!!!!
They arrived to Quartell from:



You can have a look to this album

We've seen at school the book, at the Auditori the theatre and now we can have a look to this trailer. Do you recognize the plot and the main characters?

dilluns, 17 de gener de 2011

Around the world in eighty days...

One day in the Reform Club, Mr. Phileas Fogg, an Englishman who usually never travels, makes a bet that he can go around the world in 80 days. The same day Passepartout has just started work as Phileas Fogg’s new servant. He is in search of a quiet life. Everything changes with the bet, and, after packing a few essential things, the two men embark on a big adventure to try to win it.

The first part of the journey is by train through the English country down to the sea, where they must cross the English Channel. However, when they get there, they meet John Roberts, a pipe-smoking sailor, who tells them that they have missed the boat. Fortunately, John Roberts offers them the use of his own boat, free of charge! They set sail, and eventually make it to India.

While they are in Bombay, in the heart of India, they meet at beautiful princess named Aouda. Aouda is kind to them and she shows them a new way to travel through the jungle by elephant in order to continue their journey and reach Hong Kong.

The two travellers make their way to Hong Kong by elephant with and Aouda also shows Phileas Fogg a beautiful traditional Indian dance from Bombay, before they say goodbye. In Hong Kong, Phileas Fogg and Passepartout get separated. While looking for Phileas Fogg, Passepartout meets a Phileas Fogg, Passepartout meets a Chinese magician called Chao Lin-Chin. He is a funny man who is short sighted and often misunderstands things, but he is able to do magic tricks.

Passepartout and Phileas Fogg eventually find each other and set sail for London. They think they have arrived a day too late for Phileas Fogg to win his bet, but they are not sure. Passepartout goes to buy the newspaper in order to fi nd out what the date is, in order to see if they have managed to travel all the way around the world in eighty days!

dissabte, 1 de gener de 2011

New Year's Resolutions

In the British culture, before a new year starts people usually make New Year Resolutions. That is, they promise to change something in their lifestyle. The reforming of this 'bad' habit will be beneficial for them and, sometimes, for the people around them. Typical New Year Resolutions include health (quit smoking, drink less alcohol; lose weight); finances (save money); education (improve marks at school, start learning a new language); improve self (reduce stress, better organization).

Have a look tothis funny video clip with some kids behaving and talking like adults and on which they make New Year Resolutions.

-I wanna stop gossiping . / -Did you see what she was wearing? / -I know!
This year, I'm gonna join a bikers gang.
This year, I'm gonna control my shopping .
I'm gonna stop spending six dollars on a cup of coffee.
I'm gonna control my anger.
What are you doing? Can't you see I'm trying to work here?
I wanna find that special girl. How you doing?
This year, I'm gonna call my parents more.
This year, I wanna get rid of this pot belly!
I wanna care more about the environment.
I wanna be a better handyman.
This year, I'm gonna be my own boss.
I'm gonna tithe 10% of my gross pay.
This year, I will pay off all my debts.
I'm gonna go back to school and get my Master's.
I wanna complete a marathon.
I wanna quit smoking.
This year, I'll control my road rage.
-I wanna have a daily quiet time. / -"What's your resolution?" -Okay, maybe a monthly quiet time.

In this video clip some kids use going to (gonna) to express a firmer determination to better some aspect of their life. Others stick to will, just a promise. And a third group resorts to wanna (want to).