dissabte, 1 de gener de 2011

New Year's Resolutions

In the British culture, before a new year starts people usually make New Year Resolutions. That is, they promise to change something in their lifestyle. The reforming of this 'bad' habit will be beneficial for them and, sometimes, for the people around them. Typical New Year Resolutions include health (quit smoking, drink less alcohol; lose weight); finances (save money); education (improve marks at school, start learning a new language); improve self (reduce stress, better organization).

Have a look tothis funny video clip with some kids behaving and talking like adults and on which they make New Year Resolutions.

-I wanna stop gossiping . / -Did you see what she was wearing? / -I know!
This year, I'm gonna join a bikers gang.
This year, I'm gonna control my shopping .
I'm gonna stop spending six dollars on a cup of coffee.
I'm gonna control my anger.
What are you doing? Can't you see I'm trying to work here?
I wanna find that special girl. How you doing?
This year, I'm gonna call my parents more.
This year, I wanna get rid of this pot belly!
I wanna care more about the environment.
I wanna be a better handyman.
This year, I'm gonna be my own boss.
I'm gonna tithe 10% of my gross pay.
This year, I will pay off all my debts.
I'm gonna go back to school and get my Master's.
I wanna complete a marathon.
I wanna quit smoking.
This year, I'll control my road rage.
-I wanna have a daily quiet time. / -"What's your resolution?" -Okay, maybe a monthly quiet time.

In this video clip some kids use going to (gonna) to express a firmer determination to better some aspect of their life. Others stick to will, just a promise. And a third group resorts to wanna (want to).