dimecres, 13 d’abril de 2011

Earth Day

Do One Green Thing A Day!

Help Yourself Help The Planet by doing one green thing a day. It's called Planetpals One A Day Pledge. And, like a One-a-day vitamin, it will make you healthier and happier inside and out. In fact, we guarantee, it will make you and your world better.

Just 1 thing! We don't care what one green thing you do, big or
small, just do something each day!

Do one thing
big or small
Just be green
it helps us all

A little thing
A thing a day
Can change the world
In a great big way

planetpals one a day green pledge

Just learn to be a Planetpal

Yes, it's that simple. Planetpals.com and Planetpals blog give you loads of pro active tools to become a better person in a better world.

Whether your passion is recycle crafts, caring for animals, planting a garden, or eating organic, there are plenty of great ideas for you...just see our site map.

planetpals greener world