dimarts, 22 de novembre de 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Com ja sabeu el quart dijous de Novembre es celebra aquesta gran festa als USA.

Us invitem a gaudir d'aquest llibre interactiu que hem trobat al núvol i que ens ha semblat ple de bones i atractives propostes


Thank you very much Mónica!!!
Your blog it's very interesting TIC-cher's place

(Thanksgiving Day Parade)

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Maria Elena Alvarado ha dit...

Hi, everyone! Today we are all cooking here in New York because tomorrow we will eat turkey. We will also eat potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie. Delicious! We will get together with our friends and family and celebrate. This is my favorite holiday! Big hugs from New York.
Maria Elena y Miguel

escola santa anna ha dit...

Hi Maria Elena and Miguel,
we are the students of 5th level and we're very happy to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with you.
We're working about "Healthy eating".
We wish you a very happy celebration and have lots of fun!!!!
Best wishes

escola santa anna ha dit...

Hi.We are the girls of 6th level.
How was thanksgiving day?
We look for information about this holiday.
Now we are working about the famous people like the British Royal Family.
Are you going to visit us?
Best wishes.
By:Lucia,Sofia,Gloria,Laura,Paula and Angela.

Miguel Mengual ha dit...

Hey, greetings from New York City!
We had a lot of fun on Thanksgiving day, and we certainly ate tons more than we probably should have, haha!
But most importantly we got to spend time with some of our favorite friends in the world. Thanksgiving day is also a time for reflecting on things we all should be thankful for. I know I am so thankful for a lot of things. What are you guys thankful for in life?
Hugs from the USA.

Miguel and María Elena